Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer posed a threat to the public because of his crimes against all of humanity. In 1994, Jeffrey passed away, yet his name lives on in the nation. Recently, the mom of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victim slammed people in “Evil” Halloween costumes.

The Jeffrey Dahmer effect Halloween costumes have already drawn a lot of criticism, but more than anything, one victim’s mother is advising everyone to avoid them because they are nasty and prey on families.

Tony Hughes was one of the 17 young men whom Dahmer killed; he was deaf and nonverbal. According to TMZ, Shirley, his mother told that the popular Netflix series about the serial killer may be extremely upsetting, let alone people who are dressed as the killer.

Given the anger, the majority of large department stores have decided not to offer JD costumes. However, many people have gone to internet shops like eBay to buy and sell Jeffrey Dahmer costume items, including blonde wigs, retro-style tops, and even wire-rimmed glasses.

Shirley felt offended that Netflix and all the internet retailers are making money off the loss of her son while the families of the other victims have received nothing. She believes that all eBay advertisements ought to be removed, or at the very least, the families should receive the proceeds.

Even while people can enjoy dressing up as Dahmer, Shirley’s pain never goes away. She claimed that if Netflix hadn’t made the show available for streaming, none of the families would have become victims again, and there wouldn’t be any Dahmer costumes this year.

Dahmer was beaten to death in jail in 1994 after being given a life sentence in 1992. She claimed that Dahmer was purely evil and wonders how people can go to sleep at night dressing like him. What do you think about Jeffrey effect Halloween costume, though? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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