Daniel Cormier recently made his WWE debut at WWE Extreme Rules when he was the special guest referee for the Fight Pit Match featuring Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle. Since his debuts, fans have been speculating as to Daniel Cormier’s future with the company.

On his ESPN show DC & RC, the UFC Hall of Famer who is a longtime fan of professional wrestling reflected on his chance to play the role of a referee in the Fight Pit Match. This opportunity gave Daniel Cormier a newfound respect for the athleticism involved to be a WWE performer. He said that although he’s had preliminary conversations with WWE about working together in the future, he wants to ‘get in shape first.’

“Let me tell you something, so I came home and my partner at my barbershops, he was at my house and he was like, ‘Damn, you look a lot bigger on TV,’ Cormier said following the event, laughing. “I was like, TV adds a few pounds — and the stripes didn’t help. But that visual is why I’m going to lose weight. That visual is why your boy’s going to lose weight.

“So they were talking to me about doing future things in the WWE and I go, ‘I’ll do things, but I’ve got to get in shape first.’ Like, give your boy some time to get some of this baggage off, this luggage. Let me get rid of some of the checked baggage and then maybe do a couple carry-ons, and then now I’m able to go and do some things in the ring. Let me have a couple carry-ons on the side and not the entire huge suitcase.”

Daniel Cormier retired from the world of MMA in 2020 following back-to-back losses to Stipe Miocic. This resulted in him transitioning in a full-time broadcaster for the UFC. Only time will tell if Daniel Cormier gives up his broadcasting duties to sign with WWE.

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