Delilah Hamlin is no stranger to having everyone’s eyes on her. She does not shy away from showing off what she’s got. Delilah Hamlin recently secured a new modeling gig and set temperatures soaring during its advertisement.

Kim Kardashian recently employed Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughter. The 24-year-old beauty was recently spotted in a lavender bodysuit with jeans for Kim’s SKIMS brand. She took to Instagram to flaunt a video in the bodysuit that skimmed her hips.

New SKIMS FITS EVERYBODY colors dropping 10/18 at 9AM PST @SKIMS #ad

The woman’s hair was once again blonde, and her lipstick and blush matched. Delilah was wearing a suit with a thong-style back and high hips. She wore many gold bracelets and her jeans were unfastened as she dragged them down to her slim hips.

Delilah triumphantly declared on her Instagram Stories in February of this year that she had successfully completed six months of sobriety. Amelia Hamlin’s older sister had a Xanax addiction last year, but it appears that she has overcome it now. At the beginning of November, Delilah published a half-hour Instagram video in which she claimed that the Xanax issues started after she received her COVID-19 vaccination. Check out the post below.

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