Cardi B & Tasha K’s tussle seems never-ending even in the future. Rappers target each other whenever they have the occasion. It appears that Tasha K still hasn’t paid Cardi B the nearly $4 million she owes her for the slanderous remarks she made about the mother of two’s sexual health a few years ago, even months after they reached a resolution in their protracted defamation lawsuit.

New documents obtained by AllHipHop reveal that the YouTuber has been instructed to secure a bond in order to ensure that she can pay the mother of two for her wrongdoing as soon as possible. Just last month, the “WAP” rapper’s nemesis put an end to rumors that she had moved to Africa in an effort to avoid her fate in the case. Judge William M. Ray II has determined that Tasha must secure $3,863,753.47 in full.

Cardi B’s] motion for a Supersedeas Bond pursuant to Rule 62 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is hereby GRANTED.

When and if the Defendants post a bond in the amount of $3,863,753.47 which guarantees unconditionally to pay said amount in satisfaction of the Judgment awarded by the Court to the Plaintiff, then and in that event the Court also GRANTS the Defendants’ Motion to Stay. Otherwise, the Defendants’ Motion to Stay is DENIED.

The Court notes that the Defendants have asked for a hearing on the issue as to whether there should be a bond at all, and if so, whether the amount of the bond should be less than the Judgment issued in this case. The Court is unaware of the rule upon which the Defendants rely in arguing that they are entitled to a hearing.

The Court grants the Defendants the right to supplement their pleadings with authority as to why they are entitled to a hearing, and in any event to provide through their pleadings evidence which would justify a bond in an amount less than the full amount of the Judgment.

If such evidence is provided through supplementation of the pleadings, then the Court would re-examine whether the amount of the bond as set herein should be modified.

Cardi B is determined to get every penny of the money blogger Tasha K owes her after losing the multi-million dollar slander case. The well-known YouTuber has publicly stated that she will not give the Bronx Bomber her money, but Cardi has made it obvious that she is not putting up with anything.

Judge Ray reportedly rejected Tasha K’s arguments regarding a bond hearing, but he did promise to review his decision “under the right circumstances.” Let’s see which turn now the case takes. What’s your take on it? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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