DJ Akademiks has made a thriving and divisive career out of his distinct style of news reporting. He is a music and culture commentator, Twitch streamer, former co-host of Everyday Struggle, and he frequently makes headlines. However, this time he’s on the news for all the wrong reasons.

This week, a physical altercation between Akademiks and his girlfriend in Miami went viral. In the video that leaked on Thursday, October 13, the media celebrity and his girlfriend got into a furious quarrel after producing an edition of The Fresh and Fit Podcast.

Akademiks is seen holding what appears to be his girlfriend’s Louis Vuitton bag while yelling angrily in her face. He yelled, “N-gga, respect the game!” Stop with the shit! I’m the n-gga, dude! After his girlfriend attempted to confront a red-haired woman stood behind Akademiks, the Off the Record host shoved her against the wall and continued to yell in her face.

In retaliation, Akademiks’ girlfriend yanked his hat off and threw it in the trash. The former Everyday Struggle star went to retrieve it while declaring: “I’m the prize!” His girlfriend then swung at the red-haired woman, sparking a scuffle.

Akademiks sought to break up the altercation while screaming, “Stop it!”. The red-haired woman was joined in the fight by another woman, who helped her attempt to strike Akademiks’ partner. The clip ends with a group of security guards stepping in and separating the women. You can check it out below.

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Shubham Banerjee

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