Britney Spears has actively used Instagram to show off her freedom since her conservatorship ended. From photo drops to non-stop rants against her parents, she has done it all on the platform. The singer recently dropped a harsh scathing rant and a few moments later her IG account vanished.

The pop star ripped her father Jamie Spears, 70, and mom, Lynne Spears, 67 in a series of long posts before finally deactivating her account. Spears began her rant by encouraging women to feel beautiful no matter what and called out her parents for making her feel ugly.

Didn’t think I looked that bad !!! Always my family made me feel like I wasn’t good enough or I will just say like they are better than me !!!

Do other people secretly like feeling better than another person … WHY ??? What goes through someone’s mind to be hateful … WHY ??? I’m mean to myself but I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings !!!

The “Toxic” singer also made some serious allegations against her father claiming he did an “extensive job” at making her feel uncomfortable. She said her father was an alcoholic and is greatly responsible for ruining her life.

I hope one day I can find my essence of feeling beautiful .. my father did an extensive job at always making me feel otherwise … HE WOULD GO LOW!!! I was always in white and they were in black … Great entertainment eye candy for all the men I dated but that’s not the LOW part !!! He told me my boyfriend’s body was perfect and I needed to work on myself because I wasn’t fit … WHAT FATHER TELLS HIS DAUGHTER THAT HER BOYFRIEND HAS A PERFECT BODY ???

Britney Spears was subjected to serious emotional and physical abuse throughout her conservatorship years. She still appears to have PTSD from those times, as she frequently vents her anger on social media.

All of this occurred at the end of the week, when followers noticed that Spears’ Instagram page had vanished from the platform. Hopefully, the singer will take a well-deserved rest before returning to ease her fans’ concerns.

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