Victoria Beckham sparked rumors of an impending divorce when she was spotted without her David Beckham tattoo last month. The wife of the former English footballer had the initials of her husband tattooed on her arm. However, that tattoo seems to have been removed.

Speaking on The Today Show, Victoria Beckham revealed that she had those tattoos done a long time ago and they weren’t particularly delicate. She further stated that her husband and sons are covered in “beautiful” tattoos. He finished by saying that they weren’t so nice and that’s why she had then removed.

“I had these tattoos a long long time ago and they just weren’t particularly delicate,” she said, noting that her husband and sons are covered in “beautiful” tats.”

“Mine were just a little bit thick and they were bleeding a little bit and they just weren’t as pretty. They just didn’t look so nice. It doesn’t mean anything more than that,” she continued.

Rumors of a rift first started doing the rounds when Victoria Beckham decided to wear a custom Valentino Couture wedding instead of a design by her mother-in-law. Hopefully, the 48-year-old fashion designer has put to rest the rumors surrounding a rift between her and David Beckham.

What’s your take on the reason behind Victoria Beckham removing her husband’s initials from her wrist? Sound off in the comments section.

What’s your take on this tattoo removal? Sound off in the comments!

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