Ben Gordon, a former NBA great, is well-known for his basketball dunks. Thanks to his incredible abilities, the athlete has made a name for himself among sports’ legends. Gordon has been the target of numerous legal complaints throughout the years; it seems that there is now a new one.

The former NBA star was detained again on Wednesday. This time, it was in relation to an active assault investigation for an event that occurred in Manhattan in 2020. Now, his legal woes have only worsened.

According to TMZ Sports, the 39-year-old was being processed in Queens on Tuesday after reportedly striking his 10-year-old kid several times at the airport on Monday when the NYPD discovered an open investigation for misdemeanor assault in Harlem while doing a background check. Sources shared that the case stems from an alleged incident on March 13, 2020.

Ben is accused of engaging in a heated disagreement with an adult female friend and snatching the phone out of her hand. A fight allegedly broke out, during which Ben allegedly hurt the woman’s finger and eye, causing swelling and agony. The woman immediately reported the incident to the police, however the case remained open.

It should be noted that shortly after Ben made bail at his arraignment in the airport case, he was then taken into custody on Wednesday and taken to the Harlem precinct for processing. Although Gordon faces yet another legal challenge, his attorney Joshua Kirschner tells TMZ Sports that he is confident the former Bulls star will be exonerated in the matter. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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