The Rock is one of the biggest entertainers both in sports entertainment and the entertainment business. He continues to make a name for himself with his work and continues to challenge himself like the new Black Adam movie.

The Rock appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ to discuss his movie. When asked about his diet and what prompted him to make this movie The Rock was clear in his answer.

For me, ‘Black Adam’ is the one. It’s the movie of my career – the most important movie I’ve ever done, arguably will ever do. And so I really wanted to challenge myself and really put in the time.

The Rock talked about different aspects that govern the movie and how its success will have an important impact on the currently struggling Warner Bros. Discovery.

Black Adam has been in the talks for over a decade. The movie was announced in 2007, and we are now in 2022. The time that has gone has a clear impact that something hindered it from hitting the production floor.

The movie is considered as one that would rejuvenate the box office situation in America. The movie talks about a face-off between Black Adam and Superman. It would talk about Black Adam’s origin and his team with the Justice Society of America.

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Amit Shukla

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