Wack 100 frequently makes headlines due to its involvement in controversies. Fans adore him for his courage in expressing divisive statements. Fans must have taken notice of the conflict involving Charleston White and T.I.; Now, Charleston White’s remarks about T.I. are co-signed by Wack 100.

Charleston White is a well-known YouTuber who became known for discussing performers in the industry. He not only beat up Soulja Boy, but he also mentioned King Von’s passing. T.I. and his son King Harris are the subjects of his most recent conflict. Since King threatened to attack Charleston, the guys have been battling on social media.

“Man, we are about to whoop your a*s when you come back here. I can see you had a soft upbringing,” King stated in a video on Instagram. Charleston then included the Atlanta Police Department and Fani Willis, the prosecutor for Fulton County, in the discussion.

However, their dispute didn’t end there. T.I. defended his kid immediately, which led to a phone call between Charleston and him. Charleston went on Instagram to share what they had discussed after their conversation.

“Just got off the phone with T.I. b**** a**. You don’t get to dictate anything. Come deal with the daddy. If you don’t want no trouble, what you keep kicking up dust for.”

A video of Charleston accusing the native of Atlanta of being a spy emerged a few hours ago.“… Tip, you work for crime stoppers. He talking about I got a badge, you had a badge before I had a badge, T.I.,” he said. One person’s comment, “Wack 100,” stuck out as individuals discussed his assertion and offered their thoughts. The manager of the music further penned about the truth.


In regards to T.I. and his kid King Harris, Charleston White has established his position. What do you think of Wack 100 cosigning his anti-T.I. comment? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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