T.I. is one of the most successful hip-hop musicians of all time. He is well-known for both his temper issues and his propensity to incite controversy. T.I. recently attacked Charleston White after he threatened his son.

T.I. is the latest rapper to clash with Charleston White after the YouTube star threatened his son, King Harris. White, a former gang member who has also clashed with Soulja Boy, mocked King and his friend Tootie Raww, the son of Boosie Badazz, for getting arrested in September in an Instagram Live video earlier this month. Charleston White alleged that both teens are destined for jail and that none of them knows how to fight since they had led “sheltered” lives.

White also referred to King’s mother, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, as a “yellow-haired freak.” King Harris responded with his own Instagram Live broadcast, in which he threatened to beat up White and claimed the Texas native had a “soft upbringing.” “Charleston White, you’s a b*tch, boy!” the 18-year-old said.

T.I. jumped into the fight after being notified about Charleston White’s comments on Monday, October 10, and challenged the outspoken YouTuber to “come deal with the daddy.” “I’ll spare no expense on your ass ’bout mine. Give a f*ck about no police, I’ll do all my time, n-gga,” he warned on Instagram Live.

I got family who are willing to risk their lives and freedom to die ’bout me and mine. Don’t f*cking play with my muthaf*cking child ever, n-gga.

Whatever man can fix his muthaf*cking face to talk sh*t about a muthaf*cking kid, bruh? You’s a hoe-ass n-gga. Come deal with the daddy. ‘Cause when the daddy get to getting on yo ass, you ain’t gonna do nothing but hit 9-1 and wait on the 1 to follow behind. N-gga, if you don’t want no problem, what you keep on kicking up dust for?

Charleston White responded by claiming he tagged the Atlanta Police Department and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is leading the RICO investigation against Young Thug and Gunna, in a video of King Harris’ threats. “I’m a senior citizen! That’s a threat and he left me evidence,” White said on Instagram Live on Monday.

I ain’t [fighting] no T.I. in a boxing match; I’m gonna put his son in jail. I’m a comedian and I can make jokes about ugly babies. T.I. got an ugly baby.

T.I. wrote in The Shade Room’s Instagram comments section, “still waiting to get on the phone or in ya face sir… been on hold since 1-2pm.” Charleston White continued his tirade in another Instagram Live video, warning T.I. that if his son attacks him, he will “Trayvon Martin” King Harris. “I just want to tell T.I. something. That n-gga said my momma raised a b*tch. N-gga, your mommy and daddy raised a yellow freak,” he said.

That n-gga T.I.’s son said, ‘I’ll whoop yo old ass.’ Now T.I., you got a yellow muthaf*cka look how yo son look talking about he’ll jump on a 50-something-year-old n-gga. Them the kinda boys you got?

Say T.I., listen. If yo boy jump on me, y’all a bury that yellow muthaf*cka. I’ll shoot him in right in his goddamn throat. I wish a 18-, 19-year-old n-gga would jump on me. Boy, I’ll Trayvon Martin that little muthaf*cka, I swear to God.

T.I.’s infamous Crime Stoppers commercial from 2010, which prompted people to name him a “snitch,” was then brought up by White. “You better get your boy, Tip, and you better tell him you work for Crime Stoppers,” he continued.

Remember? They had you going around doing the community service talking to the kids about reporting crime because you got caught with a bunch of guns on federal papers.

We don’t know how you beat them charges, T.I., ’cause one thing every n-gga in the feds know, n-ggas don’t give a damn about that sh*t. So tell your son you inspired me to be a tipster. Tell your son I got the badge idea from you.

T.I. appears to have gotten his request and called Charleston White, but the two appear to have failed to reconcile the conflict. “Just got off the phone with T.I.’s b*tch-ass,” White said in an Instagram Live late Monday.

If I ain’t no comedian, n-gga, then I’m gonna handle it like I ain’t no comedian. You ain’t dictating nothing, not this conversation. I’m the big dawg talking. I ain’t trying to get down or give a n-gga one so f*ck you in your pussy, Tip. That’s exactly what I just told the n-gga on the phone.

Yeah, I might be the police and guess what? They asked me, ‘You gonna put Tip’s son in jail?’ I said, ‘Nah, I ain’t gonna get him.’ When I stepped to his b*tch-ass daddy he ain’t have all that tough sh*t in his voice. N-gga, you ain’t no millionaire ready to crash out and go to no muthaf*cking 23-hour lockdown. Stop talking tough trying to sell that sh*t to the people, n-gga. You a straight-up pussy, n-gga.

Things appear to be headed in the wrong direction. Let’s wait and see what happens next. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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