The name Johnny Depp was spoken in every nation due to the complicated Heard v. Depp lawsuit. Because of all the attention he receives, people constantly stay eager to see him. Recently, when taking selfies with fans in New York, Johnny Depp didn’t look like himself.

This weekend, a picture of “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor Johnny Depp met his fans in New York showed him looking less like himself and more like Ozzy Osbourne. The 59-year-old performed with his musician friend Jeff Beck at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, on Saturday night.

Johnny was clean-shaven, sporting reflective blue spectacles and a matching baker-boy hat. Since the conclusion of his widely reported defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp has been touring with Beck for a number of dates in the UK.

Except for his strange lunar landing at the MTV VMAs, the “Edward Scissorhands” actor has been largely absent from the public spotlight. For that virtual persona, he also did away with the facial hair, and he appeared to make a number of bizarre claims throughout the award event. The rock group is currently starting its US tour.

Heard has apparently been hiding out in Spain, where she is said to be residing in an opulent mansion and going by a pseudonym. Depp is supposedly not exclusive with Joelle Rich, one of the defense lawyers who defended him in his 2018 libel lawsuit against the Sun, but they are presently dating.

Rich was present for the trial last spring, quietly supporting Depp while some speculated that a romance might be developing between him and Camille Vasquez, a fellow lawyer.

In June, the court dismissed Heard’s lawsuit against Depp and ordered her to pay him $10 million in compensatory damages as well as $350,000 in punitive damages for defaming him in an op-ed she penned for the Washington Post in 2018.

Amber Heard quickly sold her California house to raise money to settle her debts. Heard spent time with her friends and daughter in the Hamptons and Israel before her stay in Spain.

Heard has since requested that the judge set aside the jury’s decision. She asserts that there was no supporting evidence for the ruling. However, what do you think about the star’s recent appearance? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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