On Sunday night, it was reported that actor James Lastovic and his roommate had gone missing from their resort in Hawaii. According to the actor’s mother, Lucienne, her son and Nevin Dizdari were vacationing at a resort in Kauai.

TMZ reports that on Sunday, a staff member at the resort was told that they were going on a long trail hike in Kokee State Park and also asked directions to Shipwreck Beach.

According to Lucienne, they didn’t return to the resort on Sunday night and were missing since. However, TMZ recently reported that both James Lastovic and Nevin Dizdari are alright and they were just lost on their hike. Nevin’s sister posted a statement to give her side.

“My sister and James are okay, they got lost on their hike but made it back to their car and are on their way back to the resort now. Thank you everyone for reposting and helping us reach Nevin.”

It’s a good thing that both of them were able to find their way back after being lost. We also hope that they are in good health as they head back to the resort.

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