Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is constantly in the headlines because of his upcoming hit Black Adam. Fans will undoubtedly appreciate the movie, but those involved with it, definitely feel a significant amount of stress. The Rock makes it utterly clear.

A few days ago, the anticipated hit’s release date was made public. As of October 21st, The Black Adam will be featured on Screen. Now that the date is approaching, The Rock seems to be battling fatigue during the Black Adam media blitz.

The Rock uploaded a few candid photos on his Instagram account, garnering millions of eyes. The Rock showed up wearing a white t-shirt with a tiger print, showing off his tattoos and muscular build. The Rock even sported black specs, which gave the hitmaker even more charisma.

The Rock’s Instagram post highlighted his fatigues. The main lead from The Black Adam included a caption to his post. Even though he mentioned being exhausted, he still values his passion.

“Day 4.”
“Pushin’ thru the fatigue.”
“We’re all tired, but passion leads.”


“New era in the DC Universe begins.”

“#GlobalPressJunket 🌍”
“#TigerMana 🐅”

“@flanneryunderwood 📸”

Black Adam is on his way, though. Even after the blitz that the Black Adam crew had to endure, the film will operate as a spark and ignite the industry. What do you feel? Let us know in the comments. Follow Thirsty for future updates.

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