In response to Kanye West, Mike Dean made the headlines. In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, Kanye West’s fans must have seen him trending frequently. After Kanye West shared screenshots of private conversations, Mike Dean responded against him.

Mike Dean, a longtime colleague of Kanye West, is the most recent person to comment on the rapper’s social media shenanigans. It appears that the producer is not a fan of Ye as he disclosed a private conversation. On October 9, Dean tweeted that disclosing private conversations is the most thirsty work a person can undertake.

“Posting DM and texts from folks is the single most thirsty think a person can do.”

Upon hearing this, a fan reacted, “Diddy low-key threatening yo with every text he sends. While talking about Kanye West.” The DONDA producer recognized that Ye isn’t the only offender. He further added, “You’re taking a L on this post Mike. I’m not just talking about ye. A lot of screenshot posts of private convos.” 


Following the publication of a string of texts sent between the rapper-turned-designer and Diddy, who tried to set up a meeting with Ye over his contentious “White Lives Matter” T-shirt, the Instagram account of the rapper-turned-designer was suspended this past weekend.

However, Instagram’s policies prohibited Kanye West from saying that Jews sent Diddy to try to diffuse a conflict. Kanye West returned to Twitter after a long hiatus after the platform disabled his account, where he was immediately suspended for additional anti-Semitic messages.

Diddy tweeted a video last week urging followers not to purchase or don the YZY “White Lives Matter” shirts. Despite claiming to be a “free thinker” like Kanye West, he said the “Black Lives Matter” movement should not be trifled with. On Sunday, he followed up with an Instagram post. Diddy posted a photo of himself holding up a symbolic fist in the air.

“On this Sunday, I hope we as a people stop all the Coonin’ and baffoonin! We don’t have the time! We are under a state of emergency!!! Unapologetically black first! Because they unapologetically think about us last. But remember, I told you the last shall be first and the first shall be last!!! Take that!”

In addition to revealing that his friendship with Kanye West ended due to Ye’s support for Trump and his campaign for office, John Legend also appeared to address Ye’s most recent shenanigans. He tweeted late on Sunday night: “Weird how all these ‘free, independent thinkers’ constantly land at the same old anti-blackness and anti-semitism.

Kanye West, meanwhile, has not yet responded to Dean. Let’s see what he says in response. What is your opinion about it? Comment below and let us know. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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