Wack 100 has a tendency to make controversial statements. This has sometimes backfired on him, but he carries on. Recently, Wack 100 encouraged Ray J to kill himself, which was not well received by fans.

Ray J caused anxiety a few days ago when he revealed his suicidal intentions on Instagram. “If it wasn’t 4 my Kidz I would jump off and die tonight,” the actor captioned a video of himself hanging precariously off a ledge.

Ray J made a number of postings throughout the night that alluded to his emotional state. He claimed that he is attempting to determine what is an illusion and what is real.

“Trying to figure it out– maybe this life was [an] illusion… maybe the next life was my real reality.”

Ray J recorded the moon and wrote, “IF I DIE TONIGHT,” in another post. Along with that, he asked, “SHOULD I JUMP OFF and end it [right] now!!!?” The internet was shocked when it first saw these posts. Numerous individuals sent their best wishes and advised him not to hurt himself.

Of course, he is very close to his sister, Brandy, who shared an old photo of them along with the message, “Need you bro.” The internet was sympathetic, but one person, in particular, felt the opposite.

Wack 100, a music manager known for his sarcastic remarks, went too far when he addressed Ray J, in the opinion of social media users. The Love & Hip Hop reality star was instructed by Wack to “JUMP GET IT OVER WITH! WE DON’T PLAY LIKE THIS ON PIRU”.

Wack reportedly had a run-in with rapper 21 Savage. He was accused of being a snitch, so 21 made the decision to face him. However, now Wack made an attempt to encourage Ray to suicide in such a situation. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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Muskan Sharma

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