Words can be harmful, although they don’t contain any substance that seems harmful. The impact can be such that people may not recover from its damage for years or even an entire life to come.

It seems like T.J. Miller and Ryan Reynolds have the same going on. While Miller believes that it has something to do with the Deadpool 2 filming, Reynolds has maintained his silence on the matter.

Miller went on ‘The Adam Corolla Show’ and said that Reynolds said some mean things to him on the set of Deadpool 2 that even the people on the set were amazed to hear at that time.

Ryan, as Deadpool, told him/Weasel that no one really liked him and that he wasn’t funny … and that he only served as temporary comedic relief that nobody (including the audience) cared about

According to TMZ, these words were heard loud and clear, but no one responded with any harsh remarks on the man playing the lead character of the Deadpool franchise. Whether this holds substance or not is yet to be confirmed.

The two are entertainers, but things can go off between entertainers while they try to do what’s best for them and for the people that anticipate their work every day, all day.

What do you think of T.J. Miller’s comments? Chime in.

Amit Shukla

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