Kanye West has been in the news for a multitude of reasons. It could be his divorce or his shoes-related news, but this time around the news concerns his Instagram account.

According to Instagram’s spokesperson’s input to NBC News, West’s Instagram account has been restricted due to some unhealthy claims and posts by Ye on his Instagram.

While not much detail has been made available, as the company has since removed the post and restricted his account. It looks like it was a discussion between him and Diddy.

The text exchange had some words to say that were considered filled with Anti-Semitism. While not much is known, but it looks like it hurt some feelings and so the account has been restricted.

Kanye called out Instagram, or rather Meta’s founder on Twitter for this action on him. He wrote some words for Mark which were his feelings on the situation, but we can’t confirm if they are in good or bad taste.

Look at this Mark

How you gone kick me off instagram

You used to be my nigga

Obviously, Kanye West isn’t going to slow down on social media, but this latest development might have been a wake-up call for Ye.

Do you agree with Kanye West’s comments? Sound off to share your thoughts.

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Amit Shukla

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