Bill Maher is renowned for his sociopolitical analysis and political satire. He focuses on a range of topics, including politics, religion, and the media. The media personality got right to the point Friday night, denouncing the hatred that Americans currently have for others who hold different opinions.

The “Real Time” host stated what is undeniably true: many Americans will only f*ck with those whose perspectives coincide with their own, and they just cannot comprehend how any right-thinking person could accept viewpoints that differ from their own. He emphasized that intolerance has caused us to avoid interacting with others who hold different viewpoints.

Bill also used Mark Finchem, a Republican running for Secretary of State in Arizona, as an example. Finchem claimed that he “can’t find anyone who voted for Joe Biden,” in addition to believing that Trump won the 2020 election. To put it another way, the guy is isolated within the Trump bubble and does not interact with anyone outside of it. He has no idea who supported Biden in the election.

Naturally, Maher moves to the left and asserts that the same is true there. His example is absolutely hilarious. Maher said that he once extended an invitation to a party at his place, but the invited visitor declined because another guest backed Trump and claimed they couldn’t “breathe the same air” together. Such individuals, according to Bill, are known as assholes!

Maher’s argument is that because both sides have fundamentally distinct realities, we have allowed hatred and disdain to flourish in our increasingly tribal society.

As he stated earlier in the show, it has become plain dangerous to watch the news, especially cable news. The “realities” presented on both sides are so twisted that viewers cannot think any rational person could hold an opposite perspective. You can check out his piece below.

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Shubham Banerjee

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