NFL star Richard Sherman has gained enormous recognition in the industry because of his expertise in the field. The star apparently had high expectations from Russell Wilson but unfortunately, he was unable to live up to them. Richard Sherman criticized Russell Wilson as a result of his terrible performance.

The Denver Broncos were anticipated to become serious Super Bowl contenders under Russell Wilson. Instead, Wilson has in some way exacerbated their offense. Any notion of a Super Bowl team should be abandoned right now because he has not appeared to be the Pro Bowler he usually is.

For Thursday Night Football, the Denver Broncos played the Indianapolis Colts last night. The Colts ultimately prevailed in overtime with a score of 12-9. Wilson had two interceptions in addition to throwing no touchdowns. He was that terrible, missing wide-open receivers, and Broncos supporters just left him alone.

Russ received a lot of criticism from none other than Richard Sherman during the game. Sherman, who works as an analyst for Amazon right now, was blunt while discussing his former QB. At one point, he included “flashbacks” and the notorious gif of Sherman reacting to the Super Bowl goal-line interception. Wilson played poorly, so it goes without saying that no one is cheering him on.

It is evident that the Broncos are not the club they hoped they would be given their current season record of 2-3. They now have the league’s worst offense, and things are not going to get any better soon. What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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