Joe Budden has become quite a controversial personality in the hip-hop community. He retired from rap in 2018, and quickly found success as a broadcaster. The former rapper is now mostly in the headlines for his unusual comments. Fans are once again for a surprise as he recently filtered Eminem from his list of the best rappers alive.

Ex-Slaughterhouse MC revised the list of 32 rappers to trim it down to the best one for Complex Brackets. He excluded Eminem in the first round and even questioned the position that the rap legends Biggie and Jay-Z have.

Complex usually offers 16 rappers for this game, but for the first time they let Budden pick his choices from lineup of 32 hip hop artists. He chose Pusha T over Kanye, Jay-Z over Nas, and decided to go with J Cole over Eminem.

Regardless of his selections, the rapper lauded both Jay-Z and Em for being amazing artists. He stated that Em needs to be more consistent for him. Even though he believes Eminem is capable of delivering, he claimed the Detroit rapper hasn’t done so in a while.

Em left earth one time, but that needs to be more consistent for me. J Cole is doing it while playing basketball. Cole’s last album for me is chef’s kiss. I haven’t gotten that from Em in a little bit. Not saying that he’s incapable of doing that, but I haven’t gotten that.

Eminem is synonymous with putting out chart topping hits, so it might be hard for some fans to see their favourite rapper being filtered. However, it worth noting that Budden’s list is only based off recent offering from the artists. Watch the video below.

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