Beyoncé has become a cultural icon, thanks to her massively successful music career. Queen Bey recently came under fire after British duo Right Said Fred accused her of stealing ‘I’m Too Sexy’ sample. The Pop star has decided to address the allegation and close the gossip once and for all.

TMZ reports, the music duo’s allegations are completely false, Beyoncé did take permission to use the said sample. Not only that but the singer also paid Right Said Fred handsomely for it. Beyoncé’s team also stated the duo publicly thanked the singer for being on her “Renaissance” album.

Queen Bey’s camp noted, Beyoncé has paperwork proving she acquired permission to sample the song composition from Right Said Fred’s publisher. She requested permission on May 11, and it was approved on June 15, triggering payment to the duo in August.

The British duo initially claimed that everyone else who wanted to use the well-known song asked for permission, but Beyoncé didn’t because she is “arrogant.” The said song was featured on Beyoncé’s “Alien Superstar” track from her latest studio album.

The singer’s team also said that the RSF writers have co-writer credit on the song, despite the duo claiming otherwise. Beyoncé rarely responds to such matters, but it seems she was really pissed this time over the accusations.

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