LeBron James is about to enter his 20th NBA season, but he still believes he has more to prove. He has the ability to make up for the team’s poor 2022 performance this season. It now appears that LeBron is also interested in something else.

TMZ reports, on Wednesday night, LeBron James sent Adam Silver a clear message. He claimed that if the NBA expands to Las Vegas, he’s calling dibs on owning the new team. “I want the team here, Adam,” the Lakers superstar said. “Thank you.” James, a newly crowned billionaire, has previously pleaded publicly for the Sin City squad, declaring on an episode of “The Shop” back in June that his ultimate goal was to lead LV.

James made it very clear to the media in attendance after L.A.’s 119-115 preseason defeat to the Suns in Vegas that he was dead serious about the whole thing. “I would love to bring a team here at some point,” James said on the postgame podium. “That would be amazing.” It’s unclear whether the Association has immediate plans to expand.

Seattle and Las Vegas, according to rumors, would be the targets if a move to 32 teams is on the horizon. James has a very strong attachment to the Nevada idea. He even claims that Las Vegas has “the best fan base in the world.”

Currently, the NBA prohibits players from simultaneously owning and playing on a team. Silver does have the ability to change the rules, though. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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