Black Adam, portrayed by Dwayne Johnson, is expected to take over the DC Universe in July 2022. The Rock has been working on the project for years, and it is finally time for him to take over the superhero world. The Rock is undoubtedly popular among his fans, and Dwayne just shared an adorable encounter with one of them.

A man in Mexico burst into tears as “The Rock” autographed his WWE belt, and it was heartwarming. Everything happened this week during Johnson’s #BlackAdamWorldTour. Dwayne was there promoting his new superhero film.

DJ posted the video on Instagram, showing fans in Mexico City excitedly waiting for the actor’s arrival. One of them was holding a WWE belt for the former Wrestler to sign. Johnson adores his fans and was delighted to sign the belt.

That’s when the guy became filled with emotion and started shaking and praying. “Thank you! Thank you, Rock! Thank you,” the fan says, giving DJ a handshake. “An emotional night,” Johnson wrote in the caption, “Lots of tears of joy.”

Even my cold, dark soul gets a little emotional when I see people start to break and cry. It’s a beautiful thing. THANK YOU MEXICO I love you back.

This memorable experience comes just a week after a younger fan waited 2 hours to see the 50-year-old. Carol, like in Mexico City, cried when they took photos and videos together. “This awesome girl (Carol) waited two hours to finally meet BLACK ADAM,” Johnson said, “His heart may be cold and black, but it still beats. Especially, for kids.”

The film will be released later this month. Meanwhile, let us get “The Rock” a Kleenex deal. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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