Emmy Rossum is a sensation who frequently opposes any individual who does something unethical. The news that Hilary Swank and Philip Schneider are expecting children must have reached the fans, although few chuckled at it. Recently, Emmy Rossum stood to defend Hilary Swank’s 48-year-old pregnancy.

Emmy Rossum shot back at a hater who questioned whether Hilary Swank, who is expecting a kid, will “live to see” her children’s weddings. The troll posted in the comments section after the 48-year-old showed off her baby bulge on Instagram on Wednesday, asking, “AREN’T YOU LIKE 50 YRS OLD?”

The social media user continued, “Gonna be in your 70’s [sic] when they graduate college. MIGHT live to see their wedding, maybe.” Rossum Swank’s co-star in “You’re Not You,” responded with the initials “Gfy,” which stands for “go f*ck yourself.”

The Oscar winner announced she is having twins with her husband, Philip Schneider. She announced this great news in a post that featured her cradling her growing tummy in a floral frock. She even captioned the post stating coming soon with two baby emojis.

“Coming soon. DOUBLE feature! 👼🏼👼🏼.”

In addition to Rossum, more of Swank’s celebrity pals sent their support in the comments. Kate Hudson jumped off in the comment to congratulate the couple.

“What what what!!! Yeah ❤️❤️❤️❤️ congrats my friend.”

“Jeffrey (Dean Morgan) and I are so excited for you!!!,” Hilarie Burton said in response. The same attire was worn by Swank when she appeared on “Good Morning America” earlier in the day and gushed about her expecting children.

“This is something that I’ve been wanting for a long time, and my next thing is I’m gonna be a mom. Million Dollar Baby. And not just of one but of two.”

Swank provided the due date for her twins in a preview of her upcoming “Drew Barrymore Show” interview, which will run on Friday. The newborns are expected to arrive on April 16, the birthday of the late Stephen Michael Swank, the Golden Globe winner.

The actress, who was clearly moved by the coincidence, reacted by saying, “It’s like, [wow]. Swank and Schneider wedded in August 2018, two years after they first started dating. However, their new members are on the way. Thirsty congratulates the couple. What’s your take on it? Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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