Brad Pitt has been under fire after his ex-wife Angelina Jolie’s claims of abuse by the actor. Pitt’s lawyer recently addressed those claims made by Angelina Jolie that Pitt had choked one of their children.

Brad Pitt’s lawyer, Anne Kiley, who spoke to Page Six, addressed the allegations by stating that the actor won’t “own anything he didn’t do. She further added that her client has been on the receiving end of every type of “personal attack and misrepresentation.”

“He’s not going to own anything he didn’t do. He has been on the receiving end of every type of personal attack and misrepresentation.”

Kiley continued, “Thankfully, the various public authorities the other side has tried to use against him over the past six years have made their own independent decisions. Brad will continue to respond in court as he has consistently done.”

Angelina Jolie filed court documents accusing Brad Pitt of choking one of their children on board a private jet in 2016. She even provided details regarding the incident that led to the couple’s divorce.

According to the Maleficent actress, Pitt allegedly choked one of their six children and struck another in the face. She also claimed that he poured beer and wine on her and the children.

The alleged in-flight incident placed Brad Pitt under investigation by the FBI for child abuse. However, the authorities decided against pursuing criminal charges against the actor, citing several factors.

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