Rick Ross stated that his brand name “boss” is behind copied by a woman behind an upcoming kid’s event and threatened to sue the woman responsible unless she agreed to change the name to something else.

According to TMZ,The legendary rapper accused Tiffany McIntosh of “I’m the Biggest Boss Conference” for not only infringing upon his brand name, but also using some of his biggest hits “The Boss” and “Push It” to promote her conference that helps shape children into successful entrepreneurs.

Ross also pointed out that he hosted his own “Boss Up Conference” last month and said this woman’s conference is likely to cause confusion.

Rick Ross further stated that he wished to resolve the issue amicably as long as Tiffany agrees to stop using brand name to promote her event.

Ross also said that his demands should be met by October 5. However, it doesn’t look like Tiffany is going to give into the rapper’s demands and plans to go ahead with her conference.

This looks like we have be headed for another long-drawn-out court battle. Keep checking with Thirsty for more!

Do you think that Tiffany is intentionally using Rick Ross’ “Boss” brand to promote her event? Let us know in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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