The name Johnny Depp was spoken in every nation due to the complicated Heard v. Depp lawsuit. However, the complicated dispute was logically resolved in Depp’s favor because of the Depp’ attorney; even though Depp was overly appreciative of his attorneys. In terms of gratitude, Johnny Depp now performs concerts in front of his attorneys.

Johnny Depp is still very close to the attorneys who supported him in his legal victory over Amber Heard, and he made sure they received royal treatment during his first U.S. performance following the trial.

Tuesday at The Anthem in Washington, D.C., Johnny began his nationwide tour with Jeff Beck, and his attorneys Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew had some of the best seats in the house.

With VIP passes dangling from their necks, Camille and Ben, who successfully represented Johnny in his significant court triumph over his ex-wife in nearby Virginia this summer, were happy as they took pictures backstage.

Ben was wearing more than just a suit; he appeared as though he would blend in at any music festival, and Camille was looking as stylish as ever in all black. After the trial, Johnny became very involved in music, working with Jeff to record an album and touring all over Europe.

They are currently starting a U.S. tour, with shows scheduled for Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, to name a few cities. However, what do you think of Depp’s treatment to his attorneys? Let us know in the comments. Stay updated by visiting Thirsty.

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