After it was announced that Daniel Cormier will serve as guest referee for the fight pit match between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle at Extreme Rules, the UFC legend appeared on Monday Night RAW this week with a message for both opponents.

During the segment, Cormier asked both Rollins and Riddle to stop talking and start training for their match at Extreme Rules. However, when Cormier introduced himself to the WWE Universe, he was met with silence from the crowd.

Former MMA commentator, and current RAW play-by-play man, Jimmy Smith made note of the crowd’s response and shared his concerns regarding Cormier’s future with the company. While speaking to MMA on SiriusXM, Smith had something to say about DC in WWE.

“When he said ‘I’m Daniel Cormier’ did you hear anything?” Smith asked. “If that had been The Rock, that would’ve popped like crazy. ‘I’m The Rock’ popped like crazy. When he went ‘I’m Daniel Cormier,’ I turned around, and crickets.”

Jimmy Smith’s co-host further pointed out that Mike Tyson didn’t need to introduce himself when he appeared on WWE programming in 1998, but still received a much better reaction than Cormier.

“When he first popped on the screen, I expected, I don’t know, something, and the crowd just didn’t really react,” Smith said. “When he goes, ‘I’m Daniel Cormier,’ look at this crowd. They really didn’t react very much. I’m in the bubble of MMA, and the bubble of professional wrestling, that was a great indication of WWE fans — at least the ones that were there — didn’t really seem to react much.”

Only time will tell if WWE management will consider using Daniel Cormier given the underwhelming reaction he received on Monday Night RAW.

What did you make of Cormier’s first WWE appearance? Sound off in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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