Angelina Jolie has claimed since 2016 that Brad got violent with at least one of their children aboard a private jet and even poured beer on her. Brad has denied the allegations, but Angelina urged authorities to prosecute him. The sources close to Brad now claim that Angelina’s attempts to separate her children from their father have been successful.

TMZ reports, Angelina Jolie is waging a smear campaign against Brad Pitt, hashing and rehashing the same accusations she’s been making for years. According to sources close to Brad, the allegations have fallen flat with authorities. Angelina’s constant attempts to portray Brad as a child abuser has had a heavy toll on their six children.

They are now totally estranged from their father. According to one source, Brad now has a “limited and strained relationship, because of her campaign of alienation.” Angelina previously accused Brad of child abuse on multiple occasions. However, the FBI investigated and determined that the allegations were insufficient to proceed.

According to the sources, the Department of Children and Family Services conducted an investigation that was closed due to a lack of evidence. Angelina then went to family court to try to persuade the judge in her divorce case that Brad was an unfit father who should not have custody. The judge heard the evidence and granted them 50/50 custody, thereby dismissing Angelina’s claims of abuse.

She then filed what she thought was anonymous freedom of information lawsuit against the FBI, requesting that her allegations about the private jet event be made public. She also recently filed legal documents in connection with a dispute over a winery they jointly own. According to the sources, the winery case has “zero” to do with her allegations of abuse, despite the fact that she detailed her claims.

According to sources, Angelina’s only desire is revenge against Brad. The sources also claimed that Angelina has triumphed in some ways since, despite having 50/50 custody, Angelina has poisoned the children against Brad to the point that he has little to no relationship with any of them, and the victims are the entire family.

According to sources, Brad has never openly denounced Angelina for the sake of their children. They add that he is deeply wounded by what he believes to be a vicious, unrelenting attack. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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