Pierce Brosnan is best known for playing secret agent James Bond in the Bond film series, starring in four films from 1995 to 2002. His fame speaks for itself, and he is well aware of the extremes to which some fans will go to get his attention. Recently, the actor was forced to get a restraining order against an obsessive fan.

Brosnan has petitioned a court to protect him from an alleged stalker who he claims has been residing in a vehicle outside his Los Angeles house. Brosnan had to call LA authorities twice to get the stalker off his property.

However, the cops were unable to arrest the lady just for being outside his residence. They suggested that the actor seek a civil restraining order. If the individual continues to loiter around his house after that, she may be jailed for failing to obey the court’s order to stay away.

The Blast reports, Brosnan has filed an emergency temporary restraining order against a 55-year-old woman he refers to as a “stalker.” In the filing, the actor specified, she has not only been stalking him but his family as well. He is requesting that a judge grant him protection for himself, his wife Keely, and their two boys Dylan and Paris.

Brosnan describes the situation in detail, stating that the lady gave him a sketch she had done of him. When he first spoke with her, she also gave him some strange notes and asked him for $1,500.

She originally said she was looking for Dick Van Dyke (she has a tattoo of him on her arm) but when she found me and my family, she stayed in front of our house. She gave me two odd notes, said she needed $1,500 for new tires, and gave me a drawing she did of me.

Luckily, an L.A. judge granted Brosnan an emergency restraining order, with the individual being warned she can’t contact him “directly or indirectly” or “harass” him in any manner. The lady was ordered to keep 400 yards away from Pierce’s beach house, as well as any work or school that had anything to do with the children. A formal hearing has been scheduled for October 25, 2022, to argue for a 3-5-year restraining order. We will have to see what becomes of it as the case moves forward. Until then stay tuned to Thirsty.

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