Kanye West is credited for being one of the biggest names in the world of hip-hop, but he is also a true genius when it comes to business as well. His accolades simply speak for themselves. 

As of late, Kanye West has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons once again. This is largely due to him wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt during his Yeezy fashion show.

West then tore into the CEO of LVMH with egregious claims that he killed Virgil Abloh. He served as Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Artistic Director and died from Cardiac Angiosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

Demin Tears designer and Supreme’s Creative Director, Tremaine Emory went after Kanye West for his stance and wrote a lengthy Instagram caption, alongside Ye’s post, where he accused West of exploring Virgil Abloh’s death.

I gotta draw the line at you using Virgil’s death in your ‘ye’ is the victim campaign in front your sycophant peanut algorithm gallery

Your best friend Virgil, NEGRO PLEASE , this time last year you said Virgil’s designs are a disgrace to the black community infont of all your employees at yeezy -ASK LUCETTE HOLLAND…I GOT ALL THE “RECEIPTS” ( don’t let me get into the things you said about v after his death)
Ye tell the ppl why you didn’t get invited to Virgil’s actual funeral the one before the public one at the museum. You knew Virgil had terminal cancer and you rode on him in group chats, at yeezy, interviews…YOU ARE SO BROKEN. KEEP VIRGIL NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH…KEEP @gabriellak_j NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH…Your not a victim your just an insecure narcissist that’s dying for validation from the fashion world…take care…at least we’ll always have ‘UGANDA’

Even Kim Kardashian is utterly disgusted with Kanye West for his most recent antics. We will have to wait and see what else Kanye West will end up doing next.

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