Sir Richard Starkey, best known as Ringo Starr, is renowned as the drummer for the Beatles. Starr sang lead vocals with the Beatles on occasion, generally for one song on each album, such as “Yellow Submarine” and “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Unfortunately, it was recently revealed that he has Covid.

TMZ reports, Ringo Starr’s unexpected weekend illness was actually the early stages of Covid. Now the former Beatle has been forced to hit the pause button on performing. The announcement came on Monday from The Canada Life Centre, where Ringo and his band were due to perform this week.

Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band were forced to cancel their recent shows due to illness. It has been confirmed today that Ringo has Covid and the tour will be on hold while Ringo recuperates.

They add, “As of today the Canada Life Centre show on October 4 has been canceled,” while going on to explain that he’s recuperating at home and hoping to return to the stage soon. Ringo has been on tour, and he has a string of shows coming up that appears to be getting pushed for the time being. This includes five Canadian dates through Sunday, which were supposed to begin in Winnipeg. He’ll be performing more shows in the United States beginning next week.

Ringo’s diagnosis comes after he canceled a concert this weekend in Prior Lake, Minnesota. While he had become ill, the official word was that he did not have the corona. He’s obviously caught it since then. There’s no information on whether Ringo is the only one infected with the virus, or if the rest of his bandmates are as well.

He’s been jamming with the All-Starr Band, a rotating crew of musicians. Let’s hope he gets well soon. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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