Kevin Gates was charged with batter for kicking a man when he was performing on stage in 2015. The rapper was sentenced to 180 days in prison.

While serving his prison sentence, he was sentenced to another 30-month prison term at the East Moline, IL correctional facility for gun charges stemming from a warrant that arose from an October 2013 arrest in Chicago.

Since Gates failed to show in court, the warrant was reissued again in December 2016 while he was serving his battery charges. He was later released on parole in 2018.

Post his release, Charleston White stated that Kevin has been acting “strange” after his prison release. To this, Kevin Gates responded by informing Charleston that he is a fan of his activist work while also adding that tearing people down to lift yourself up is a bad practice.

After that, Charleston informed Say Cheese TV that the rapper’s response made him feel like a “horrible person.”

Recently VladTV reported that Charleston and Kevin Gates had a very positive in-person meeting where the two men have seemingly squashed their beef by hugging it out.

“We love you. We appreciate your honesty,” Kevin told Charleston.

[H/T VladTV]

Now that the two men seem to have put things behind them, we could maybe witness a collaboration between both of them.

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