Margot Robbie and Cara Delevigne are close friends, and often take vacations together. This time they were in Argentina, enjoying their holiday when things got out of hand. They were rushed by photographers and the situation soon became worse.

According to TMZ, the two stars were dining in Buenos Aires early Sunday morning, but when they left the restaurant for their pick-up Uber waiting outside, it did not go as smoothly. The outlet noted, a photographer rushed them and started taking photos aggressively.

The pushy photographer even went so far as to intrude in their space. This caused the driver to panic and rush his car with Cara inside, while Margot was halfway in and halfway out. Margot was eventually forced to jump out of the car to prevent major harm.

Despite that, the photographer continued taking snaps even when Robbie was on the ground. That’s when the couple of her friends, who were present there decided to jump in to help.

It turns out that the photographer went to the Buenos Aires police station to file complaint against the two people who jumped him. He characterized them as security guards and claimed he was savagely beaten by them before being hospitalized.

The Argentine newspaper, Infobae reported similar details mentioned in the photographer’s complaint. In addition, the newspaper reported, the pap was left with a fractured arm and a bleeding scalp as a result of the alleged beating.

Just a couple of months ago, Margot was enjoying a relaxing and seemingly normal holiday with Cara Delevigne in Spain. There’s also been a growing concern about the model as of late, and her friend seems to be making sure to check on her occasionally.

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