Don’t Worry Darling stars Harry Styles and Florence Pugh as Jack and Alice, a young couple living in the seemingly perfect company town of Victory, Calif., in the 1950s. However, the villain played by Chris Pine was inspired by Jordan Peterson, as Olivia earlier mentioned. Seems like the way Olivia said it didn’t impress Jordan.

Jordan Peterson appeared to cry after being faced with comments made by Olivia Wilde during a discussion with Interview magazine to promote her film, Don’t Worry Darling. During the interview, Wilde said that the film’s villain, played by Chris Pine, is based on the controversial conservative author, referring to the 60-year-old as “this insane man” who is a “pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community.”

During his appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored this week, he was asked if he was “the hero to these people,” to which he replied, “Sure, why not.” “People have been after me for a long time because I’ve been speaking to disaffected young men — what a terrible thing to do, that is,” he said as he visibly teared up in a clip shared via YouTube. The right-wing author continued, “I thought the marginalized were supposed to have a voice.”

It’s very difficult to understand how demoralized people are, and certainly many young men are in that category. And you get these casual insults: ‘These incels.’ What does that mean? Well, these men, they don’t know how to make themselves attractive to women, who are very picky. And good for them — women, be picky. That’s your gift, man. Demand high standards from your men. Fair enough. But all these men who are alienated, they’re lonesome, and they don’t want to do, and everyone piles abuse on them.

Wilde defined “incels” as “basically disenfranchised, mostly white men who believe they are entitled to sex from women” in a chat with Interview earlier this month.

And they believe that society has now robbed them that the idea of feminism is working against nature, and that we must be put back into the correct place.

However, Peterson later informed Morgan, 57, that Wilde’s words were, “as far as critiques go, that was kind of low-level.” “When Olivia made those comments, the first thing I did was go look at the preview for her movie, which I quite liked,” he shared.

I thought I would go see that movie, probably, and perhaps I will. It didn’t really bother me.

Peterson appeared to approve of the villain’s casting, remarking that Pine is “a very good-looking man, so that seems all right.” He also explained why he was getting emotional in discussing the comments, “It’s really something to see — constantly how many people are dying for lack of an encouraging word and how easy it is to provide that if you’re careful.”

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