Eminem is a legend in the music industry or the rap business. He goes above and beyond to give his listeners an experience that is exemplary in every sense of the word.

When Eminem visits a place, it’s a moment in time, and it recently happened in Las Vegas. David Blaine was performing at a show in Las Vegas when Eminem decided to drop by with some of his friends.

Eminem with Dr. Dre, AJ Calloway, Paul Rosenberg and Denaun were backstage last night during David Blaine’s first show in The Sin City. The factor that makes it important is the coming together of experts from different parts of the music division.

There may be many who would take excuses for the situation, but it shows the unity in the music fraternity. It shows that everyone has the ability to come together and have each other’s backs if the situation demanded it.

Every show is important for the artists as it brings about a moment of bliss for its listeners. A Twitter user posted this caption to the image that follows below for the event.

Eminem with Dr.Dre, AJ Calloway, Paul Rosenberg and Denaun backstage last night on David Blaines first show in Las Vegas

It’s great to see Eminem and Dr. Dre any time, especially when they’re together. We’ll have to see when they drop something next.

What do you think of this coming together of music legends? Sound off in the comments.

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Amit Shukla

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