Soulja Boy is widely regarded as one of today’s most well-known rappers, and it’s difficult to disagree. He exudes confidence and considers himself to be one of the all-time greats. Soulja Boy recently lashed out at DJ Vlad, accusing him of having “weekly temper tantrums” against him.

Soulja Boy has responded to DJ Vlad after the interviewer accused him of having “weekly temper tantrums” about him. On Tuesday, September 27, Vlad turned to Twitter to declare that his VladTV platform presented Soulja with the most significant interview of his career. He also offered him the chance to sit down and talk things out instead of calling him out online.

“Hey @souljaboy, VladTV was already hot when we gave YOU your biggest interview,” he wrote. “And unlike that SayCheese screenshot you showed, you don’t even have a top 20 interview on Stop having weekly temper tantrums about me & sit down with me in person anytime.”

Soulja Boy replied in a tweet, writing, “I made you, Vladimir.” During an Instagram Live session, Soulja Boy recently called out many rap bloggers, including DJ Vlad. “DJ Vlad, you a b*tch, right? So be a b*tch then, n-gga,” he said.

Don’t act like you a gangsta, n-gga. Don’t get on the internet talking about, ‘Pull up.’ You’s a b*tch, right? Yo, when you got your ass beat, you filed a lawsuit, right? Right. You ain’t ever shot nobody, right? No. You ain’t ever killed nobody, right? No. You don’t own a gang, right? No. You’s a b*tch, right? Yes.

You interview people, right? Right. So stop playing with a f*cking real n-gga when you’s a b*tch, n-gga. You interview people and ask them have they shot people, right? You don’t get interviewed about shooting people. You interview people and you fascinated with they gangsta stories, right? Right. People don’t interview you and ask you about your gangsta stories, do they? No.

So continue to a be a b*tch, n-gga. Stay in your f*cking lane.

In July 2021, Soulja Boy also called out DJ Vlad for betraying his trust and spoke to the people that broke into his home in 2008. Let’s see when this feud ends. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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