Kanye West is largely known for purposefully provoking controversy in the industry. However, fans must be aware of the accusation of an Adidas breach that Kanye has brought against the company. Now it seems the controversy is taking a new turn; Kanye West issues a warning to Adidas: “I Been Nice Til Now”.

Kanye West urged Adidas to “get your popcorn” after telling them that playtime was over in a message to the sportswear company. The founder of Yeezy said last week that there’s a chance he and Adidas might repair their business partnership.

Ye, however, is currently back on the attack. Since the summer, Kanye West and Adidas CEO Kasper Rsted have been at odds with one another. Kanye West stated in a recent interview with Forbes that they can still reach a compromise despite his claims that Adidas is copying his designs.

“There’s a possibility (we) can co-parent products that we make. But not in a way where I’m not getting say-so over colorways, and where they’re treating me like I’m dead.”

The rapper-turned-designer went back to talking about the company on Instagram. Ye took the controversy to his Instagram story and wrote addressing Adidas.

“Adidas. You talk to me first about any decisions about Yeezy.” 

Ye then informed further, “I been nice,” up to this point, but “this is for my kids now.” Additionally, West claimed that he is fighting for “every creative kid that has ever been bullied.” Kanye West declared in an interview with Bloomberg earlier this month that he wouldn’t be using Gap or Adidas to further his fashion empire.

“It’s time for me to go it alone. It’s fine. I made the companies money. The companies made me money. We created ideas that will change apparel forever.”  

Only a few days later, Kanye claimed that Gap had obstructed his Paris Fashion Week display by terminating their two-year deal.

“Magically No production companies have been willing to produce my YZYSZN9 fashion show in Paris on October 3rd.”

The Kanye West and Adidas feud appears to have heated up once more, though. Let’s wait and watch what the hit giver does next. What do you think about the current controversy? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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