Rihanna is set to perform at the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show. This is the first time Riri is going up on the NFL center stage to perform her greatest hits. As someone who has performed there before, Dr. Dre has some advice for her.

On Sunday, September 25th, Dr. Dre and Ebro Darden appeared on Apple Music 1. It happened shortly after Rihanna’s news was released. As a result, they discussed RiRi’s scheduled performance at the 2023 LVII Super Bowl the following year, reported Billboard.

“Oh, my god. Let me tell you something, man. I actually just got the news that Rihanna’s going to do it, and I’m a super fan of Rihanna. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do. “

There’s a bit of advice Dre wanted to give Rihanna when it comes to performing at Super Bowl. “Put the right people around you, and have fun,” said Dre. Having creative people around will have the most positive impact on the whole performance, according to Dre.

“That’s basically what it is, making sure you have the right creative people around you. She might want to look into some of the people that we used to do our show.”

Dre admitted to feeling anxious before his own performance. Detailed preparation is required to entertain such a sizable crowd to ensure everything runs well. Therefore, there is a great deal of pressure, but it’s also enjoyable, he remarked.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been that nervous before,” he said. “Not only that, I don’t know if I’ve ever looked more forward to a Monday morning. So it’s the preparation and making sure you have the right people around you. All of these people came through for me, and everybody was extremely enthusiastic about the show.

We had a good time, although it’s a lot of things and a lot of people you have to depend on. You’re talking about at least 3,000 people that you have to depend on to get this show right for 13 minutes. So it is an extreme amount of pressure, but it’s fun at the same time. When it’s done, it’s like goosebumps, bro. I got goosebumps, especially from the reaction that we got from the show, and especially being able to do the show with all of my friends.”

Rihanna took to Instagram earlier today to confirm reports that she will be headlining the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show. Super Bowl LVII will take place on Feb. 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Like Dr Dre, everyone will be looking forward to this performance.

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