Farrah Abraham has become a phenomenon that draws millions of viewers every single minute. This time, rather than because of herself, Farrah’s daughter was the reason for the headlines. Sophia DMing strangers led to Farrah Abraham getting judged by fans.

“Teen Mom” alumni The creation of a “giveaway” on TikTok by Sophia, Farrah Abraham’s 13-year-old daughter, drew criticism. If her Instagram followers sent her a private message, the teen pledged to give them a chance to win a dozen black roses and a teddy bear.

“Enter the Giveaway now with one of your friends! on Instagram subscribe group only – winners announced 09/14 tag your BFF once subscribed.”

31-year-old Abraham encouraged Sophia in the comment section. Sophia initially introduced her membership service in August in an effort to “connect” with her fans more effectively and eliminate toxicity.


“Subscribe to help me see your messages and let me know all the fun stuff I should share on private Subscribe! Happy to have a more positive subscribe area to keep Instagram negativity out.” 

Reddit users expressed concern over the giveaway, and several criticized Abraham for allowing Sophia to organize one. Not everyone objected to what Abraham gave Sophia permission to do. It was compared by some to the way that teenagers make money nowadays via babysitting.

“Why does 13-year-old Sophia have a paid subscribers only group where she does giveaways and private messages? Is this legal? She is not a celebrity. She’s a child!”

“What’s next only fans? This is a disgrace and her mother should lose custody. Nothing good can come from it. It’s very sad.”

“It truly seems like Farrah is pimping this girl out and it’s disgusting. What a sorry excuse for a mother.”

“She’s trying to become a celebrity via social media. A lot of kids her age are doing this. Small IG follower amount, small giveaways & small promotions. This is normal.”

Michael Abraham, Abraham’s father, appeared in the TikTok comments section to support his daughter against online skeptics.

“you could be so pretty. if you would do something with yourself..” the social media user said.

“Why are to bullying my granddaughter, fact she has accomplished more in her short life than most adults …. Don’t underestimate my granddaughter.”

Michael Abraham saw another person’s remark that they had no friends as a slight against Sophia because they had apparently entered Sophia’s contest with another social media user.

“Stop your BS… my granddaughter has friends … stop your harassment and lies.”

Abraham was asked for a remark over Sophia’s giveaway, but he was slow to answer. What do you think of Sophia’s TikTok upload? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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