Snoop Dogg is an artist that is passionate about spreading his wings in various fields. Snoop has made headlines due to his newfound success in the food industry. Just a few weeks after launching the first brand, Snoop Loopz, Snoop Dogg launched the products in his second Broadus Foods line, Momma Snoop Breakfast Foods.

Broadus Foods, Snoop Dogg’s latest enterprise, made its debut. The latest breakfast line was recently unveiled by the entrepreneur and rapper via Instagram. Traditional morning ingredients like instant grits, oatmeal, maple syrup, and pancake mix make up Mama Snoop.

That’s how we doin’ it. Makin’ it real easy for you to get up in the morning, get you something to eat, start your day off right. Somethin’ healthy, somethin’ generational, somethin’ from me and P, to you and yours.

Snoop and Master P have formed a company called Broadus Foods and have branded themselves the “Kings of Breakfast Foods.” The business was established, in accordance with its website, to carry on the legacy of Snoop’s mother, Beverly Tate, who had a strong commitment to feeding families in her neighborhood. In October 2021, Tate passed away.

In addition to their own motivations, Snoop and P want to inspire economic empowerment by introducing diversity to the grocery stores’ business and generating chances for minority-owned food goods and brands via their brand. P launched Big Poppa Burgers in his native New Orleans in 2019, becoming a restaurant owner as well. Check out the post below.

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