Khloé Kardashian is attempting to deal once more with the cheating scandal that made headlines regarding her ex Tristan Thompson having a baby with another woman during their surrogate’s pregnancy after it recently aired on The Kardashians for the first time.

According to a source who spoke exclusively to Hollywood Life, “It is so difficult for Khloé to have to relive all of this when the show airs because it is like she has to live through it twice.”

“Just when she has moved on from the hurt caused to her by Tristan’s cheating, she is forced to face it again. Khloé has come so far since then and is way past the pain that was caused by this, but she wishes she did not have to see it play out again on the show for millions of fans all over again. She cannot wait for this all to be behind her so she can focus on the things that matter most to her – her children, family, health, and Good American.”

After the season two premiere of The Kardashians revealed to audiences how the controversy and turmoil all played out behind the headlines, Khloé had to deal with that difficult situation with Tristan. Three days before news broke that Tristan was also expecting a child with Maralee Nichols, Khloé revealed in the episode that her and Tristan’s embryo had been implanted in their surrogate.

Khloé also learned from court records that he was aware of the other child for around four months, but kept it hidden. “It’s just been a lot to go through all at the same time,” she added, while weeping, on the episode.

“It’s supposed to be a really exciting, amazing time and it’s just a different experience. Time’s ticking and I keep burying my head in the sand, but that doesn’t do anything.”

Fortunately, Khloé’s family got her back throughout the shocking and upsetting situation. Her mother, Kris Jenner, and sister, Kendall Jenner, weren’t afraid to voice their opinions about Tristan’s actions while moving forward with the surrogacy, which led to his and Khloé’s second child, a son. Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates.

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