Cardi B worked hard to make herself one of the top female rappers in the hip-hop world, with her music reaching people all over the globe. She is also a controversial figure for a good reason.

The WAP rapper loves to have fun and is never afraid of her sexuality and her sexual preferences. She is also never afraid to show herself off whenever the rapper feels like it.

Cardi Bi is also down to collaborate from time to time. Her latest joint-effort saw her team up with one of the year’s top breakout artists, GloRilla, for their track “Tomorrow 2.” Fans loved the track, but questioned Cardi B’s seemingly new appearance. One viewer tweeted, “Why Cardi B look like that? It’s something different.” 

The rapper took to her social media and cleared the air about her new appearance, which featured her looking more swollen everywhere. She revealed it was all about water retention.

“[Let me know] if you know any water pills for me. Because as yall can see — ’cause a lot of y’all was like ‘Wtf, her face.’ I’m retaining water all over my body.” The mom of two went on to share how the retention has effected her appearance. “That’s why my cheeks, my lips, my thighs, my f*cking feet. Everything is, my thighs are so swollen.”

Cardi B also fired back at fans a couple of years ago for her past cosmetic surgeries. Regardless, the rapper will do what she wants to and that is all that matters now.

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