Tori Spelling rose to fame playing Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210, a soap which was produced by her father, Aaron Spelling. After her father’s death, the actress continued a turbulent relationship with her mom Candy Spelling. It seems the mother and daughter are finally ready to heal their broken relationship.

A source close to the original Beverly Hills actress shared some exclusive details with Hollywood Life. The source revealed that the actress is now “healing all the broken ties in her life,” and that she is “at the best place emotionally that she has been in a very long time.”

Tori’s problems with her mother began when her father was still around. His success as a producer caused friction between his wife and their eldest child. The conflicts between them became worse in 2006 when Tori left her first husband to run off with Canadian actor Dean McDermott. Her father died the same year, intensifying their family conflict.

Their fallout was mostly about Aaron Spelling’s $500 million estate, which he left behind. However, after years of tumultuous relationship, they have chosen to reconcile. The mother and daughter duo was also seen for the first time in public earlier this year. The source explained how they are working on being the family they once were.

When her father passed away, things got misconstrued and feelings got hurt over the estate. But they are all ready to put that behind them and be the family that they once were.

The fact that things between them have healed to the point that she and [brother] Randy can take her mom out and have it be like old times is just beyond precious to Tori, she’s vowed not to take it for granted. Her mom seems to be doing really well but she is getting up there in age and Tori is well aware that nothing is promised so she’s cherishing this time with her mom.

The future is looking bright for the Spelling as they are ready to set their differences aside. It was also insinuated that now with their reunion, a family vacation shouldn’t be surprising.

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