Brett Favre is one of the most renowned quarterbacks in NFL history. Favre’s suspected participation in a multi-million dollar welfare scandal may have become much worse. A key figure in the criminal case has recently agreed to cooperate with the feds, potentially putting the NFL star in the crosshairs of the Justice Department.

TMZ reports, on Thursday, former Mississippi Department of Human Services Director John Davis pled guilty to conspiring to defraud the state of Mississippi out of more than $70 million in federal funds, which he was accused of diverting from the state’s poorest people. Officials said Davis agreed to tell prosecutors what he knows about the massive scheme, which may be troublesome for Favre, as part of his agreement.

The former Green Bay quarterback has been criticized for allegedly conspiring with Davis and other government officials to obtain $5 million from Mississippi welfare funds to help his alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi, in the building of a new volleyball facility. Favre’s daughter played the sport at the University at the time Favre was suspected of getting funding for the project.

In 2017, Favre texted the woman who ran the nonprofit, seemingly admitting that taking the money was inappropriate.

If you were to pay me is there any way the media can find out where it came from and how much? No we never have had that information publicized.

A few hours later, the woman who runs the nonprofit texted Favre back, saying “Wow, just got off the phone with [then Mississippi Governor] Phil Bryant! He is on board with us! We will get this done!” Favre responded, “Awesome. I needed to hear that for sure.” Despite facing 15 years in prison, Davis is viewed as an important part of the ongoing federal investigation into the misdirection of funds, as well as a corresponding state case.

Prosecutors on both sides are keen to acquire information on other possible co-conspirators, including individuals connected to Davis. Favre has lately been under fire for distributing over $8.1 million in welfare money to firms associated with him. A portion of the money, $1.1 million, is said to have gone straight into Favre’s pocket for public speaking engagements that he ultimately declined.

The remaining millions reportedly went to a pharmaceutical company with Favre connections and a construction project at Favre’s former college, the University of Southern Mississippi. Let’s see what happens. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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