The legendary Atlanta rapper Young Thug has been imprisoned for several months due to his ongoing RICO lawsuit with a chunk of YSL. But that hasn’t prevented him from expressing love to Mariah the Scientist.

Young excitedly posted a picture of Mariah on Twitter on September 22. This is the second thirst tweet he posted in the past two weeks.

The two initially raised the possibility of a fling when they were seen kissing on Young Stoner Life’s Twitter account. They met while attending a Falcons game, and they got married in a music video last January. Mariah was one of many YSL associates and friends to perform in front of screens that read “Free YSL” and “Free Thugger” after the rapper’s arrest to demonstrate support for the detained crew.

The “Beetlejuice” singer has found ways to communicate with her partner even when he is imprisoned. She took to Instagram to post for his 31st birthday, after he had sent her many balloons to her hotel room to celebrate her sold-out concert dates. The balloons read “Mrs. Sold Out Dates,” along with a mother’s greeting in flower petals reading “See u soon. Love, Jeffrey.”

Despite the sad circumstances of their separation, it’s still adorable to see Thugger and his boo gassing each other up on social media. Mariah has also rebuffed rumours that he is playing her with another lady, so this estranged relationship is forecasted to stay wholesome as Young Thug’s January 2023 trial is expected to have a significant impact.

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Smita Singha Roy

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