Adam Levine has been in some hot water lately amid an alleged infidelity accusation. As expected, a lot of people have spoken on the matter since. One of them is Sam Foster, who has landed herself in a tough situation with her comments.

Sara Foster is accused of “misogyny.” The “90210” actress blasted Adam Levine’s alleged mistress Sumner Stroh in a TikTok video that she posted. Many didn’t agree with her position on accusing the case’s implicated women.

“Cheating is so gross. He’s obviously, like, a total pig and gross, but this woman who chose to make a viral TikTok video claiming — by the way, not even apologizing, but putting it out there for the world to see, for a pregnant woman to see, when she could’ve just messaged her privately — claiming it’s not her fault,”

The actress bashed Levine, whose name she omitted. She mostly directed her wrath upon Summer Stroh for taking part in the purported tryst. The Maroon 5 frontman, however, has denied having an illicit affair behind Behati Prinsloo’s back.

Fellow TikTokers flooded the comments section to call out the former model for not placing equal blame on Levine. “They share the responsibility! I’m not sure why that’s not commonly understood,” commented one follower. “Why don’t you show him the same vitriol?” asked another. “Yes both are in the wrong but this video is rooted in misogyny,” noted another.

Emily Ratajkowski was the one who had the most problems with Foster’s TikTok post. She appeared to answer the co-founder of Favorite Daughter’s video with one of her own. The model emphasized that in this scenario, the woman was receiving more unfair criticism than the man. Check the video out here.

“The power dynamic is so skewed, it’s ridiculous. It’s predatory. It’s manipulative. If you’re the one in a relationship, you are the one who’s obligated to be loyal.”

Looks like Adam’s explanation won’t do with his pleading not guilty to the affair. Foster on the other hand received jabs for not getting the facts of the matter right. Foster might be forgiven for her video, however the same can’t be said for Levine.

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