In “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Margot Robbie captivated viewers with a personal and touching performance. Following the critical and financial success of Martin Scorsese’s film, the Australian actress gained international fame. Now, the actress will return to the screen to portray the role of Barbie in the movie of the same name.

Recently, Margot Robbie opened up about those viral Barbie movie set photos that hit the internet earlier this year. Ryan Gosling plays Ken in Barbie, which also stars Robbie. The picture, which is directed by acclaimed independent filmmaker Greta Gerwig, stars the odd couple of Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in addition to a diverse supporting cast that includes Michael Cera, Alexandra Shipp, Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon, Simu Liu, Emma Mackey, and Will Ferrell.

Barbie won’t be in cinemas until the summer of 2023, but during production, there has already been a lot of buzz. There were several widely publicized aspects of Barbie, such as fan theories about the existence of numerous Kens and Barbies and heated reactions to the first poster showing Robbie driving a pink Barbie automobile. Despite there being very little information released about the movie, Barbie quickly became the topic of conversation online.

Once Barbie started filming exteriors in LA, this fixation with the movie considerably increased. On Venice Beach, where Barbie was shot in the open, bystander photos captured Gosling and Robbie skating alongside each other while dressed as neon-colored Barbies. These pictures were shared widely and served as the inspiration for innumerable internet memes.

In a recent interview with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Robbie revealed that she was “mortified” by the public filming, even before she had any idea how far the photos and resulting memes would go. Despite the fact that she and Gosling “look like [they’re] like laughing and having fun,” Robbie explained that they were in fact “dying on the inside” in what she describes as “the most humiliating moment of [her] life.” She also explained that during the shooting, “hundreds of people” gathered to watch Gosling and Robbie.

Margot Robbie said on the show, “I can’t tell you how mortified we were by the way. We look like we’re like laughing and having fun, but dying on the inside. Dying. I was like, this is the most humiliating moment of my life.”

Jimmy Fallon then asked, “Did you realize it was going to go everywhere all over the internet?” Margot had a very candid reply.

No! I mean I knew that we had some exteriors to shoot in LA. I knew, okay, once you were doing exteriors, you’re gonna get papped. There’s probably going to be a little crowd of people who are going to stand out, because, you know, we stand out a little bit in those outfits. So I knew there was going to be a little bit of attention, and probably some photos would get out there, but not like it did. It was like mad. It was like hundreds of people watching.

Despite her mortification, Robbie still recounted the Barbie experience in good spirits during the interview with Fallon. Luckily for Robbie, Barbie’s outdoor shooting days are long over and the film is now in post-production. Meanwhile, you can check out her whole interview below.

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