Erica Banks is known for her hot takes and impeccable fashion sense. The rapper often shocks people with her decisions, such as performing a seductive dance for high school students. She recently took shade from Nicki Minaj, who later on blocked her on social media.

Banks likes to go clubbing, and she has her own code for who she goes clubbing with. She doesn’t like skinny women who dress badly, and they can’t be part of her premium clubbing experience.

The rapper spoke to her fans during an Instagram Live session. She talked about what kind of terms she holds with her club friends, and she is pretty strict with them. She excludes any woman who “is not thick enough,” or if they’re too skinny.

The Flow Queen is catching a lot of criticism over her hot takes on Twitter. After a fan asked her to humble herself by saying that she was like them too before she rose to fame, she had the perfect comeback. She also explained her stance in a series of tweets as a response to the backlash.

Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion & I’ve never been one to convince people of liking mine. My preference of who I club with when it comes to my brand has nothing to do with y’all. Y’all never liked me anyway so why would I care about what y’all think about anything I say?

Banks has angered a lot of people with her strict criteria for clubbing partners. She did tweet later on saying that she loves skinny women too. However, her clubbing vibe doesn’t match them. Regardless, this is no different than her other hot takes, as fans get divided in those instances as well.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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